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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Photograpy Takes A Turn

While things in my world keep spinning, I still enjoy photography.  The money factor was never a big piece of the puzzle but it was nice.  Now that everyone has a camera and the digital revolution has pretty much taken away a large portion of my business, I find creativity is the answer.  Never give up you passion.  It may change a little but for me it is still there.  I must apologize for all those that have tacked my blog that I have not written in some time.  I just don't know where the time goes. 

I now spend my time making handmade lye soaps.  I enjoy the creativity and also spend time taking some photos as well.  Soaping has opened up a new world for me.  While my skin was having trouble staying moist in my older years, I now find homemade soaps have renewed my skin to the point I rarely need lotion any more.  I can now even make my own lotions with any "flavor" I want.  While Flavor is not really the right word, I still like to use it.

I think for the next few episodes of blogging I will spend some time on soaps and make mention of things everyone should know. 

I have learned a lot about essential oils and products.  An example would be how much I just love Rosemary.  I put it often in meats, breads and other things.  I just love the scent in soap.  It is however something to use in moderation.  It can cause issues with seizures, high blood pressure and can even cause abortion.   This is something I never new until I started making Soap. 

Here is one of my newest projects, Ginger Bars.


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