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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maidenhair Falls

While the directions on the web are great the time line is a little off.  I guess that all depends what kind of shape you are in. Me .. not in that great a shape.  We started down town at Mayberry's a nice place to eat. Its at the intersection of Broad and Main.

I am short and therefore a slow walker with sure footed steps.  This trail took me about an hour in and an hour out and time to shoot and rest in between.  All together it took about 3 hours.   Today it was after a rain and was a bit slippery.  The trail narrows in some places and you walk slanted on the hillside in others.  Mostly its a smooth walk up the old road part.  The entire walk is slightly up hill.  A good walking stick would be great.   It is a  well marked trail and beautiful.   I arrived today somewhere around 2PM and the sun was just hitting the top of the ridge behind the falls.  It created a beautiful sun star.  The air was cool and a nice cool down draft from the falls was appreciated after the warm hike up.   Be sure to respect the no trespassing signs on some of the neighboring property and as always pack your trash back out. Since this is private property we need to keep it clean and user friendly so that everyone can enjoy it.

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