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Monday, December 5, 2011


Recently several of us local photographers went out on and exercise in perspective.  There are three kinds of perspective.  The photographers, the camera, and forced.   This proved harder than expected.  It was great  seeing what other people found.  We had to work together and made lots of new friends and had lodes of fun.  Get out on your own and give it a try.

Photographers perspective- How the photographers sees things.

Camera perspective.  natural distortion or view of the camera. Notice that the statue of the woman is appears to be as large as the monument column.  That's due to the angle of the camera to the subject.  She is really not that big. 

Forced Perspective -  Making things a little out of sorts on purpose.  Notice how the light post appears to be on top of the building. It also appears large as it is much closer to the camera than the building.

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