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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Morton Overlook

This time of year the sun sets right in the valley giving the layers of hills a glow all their own.  This only happens for a few weeks so don't miss out.    There is construction going on on the TN side so plan your travel time.  The over look itself is full of construction equipment so travel to the next one up the mountain or from the NC side its the first one down.  The view is not as good from here however there is still a view and plenty of parking.

I am however disappointed at the ever growing number of dying trees.  The wooly is taking its' toll on these mountains.  It has changed so much in the last 10 years.  I hope that we can recover.  I know that some areas of the GSMNP have been treated. 

To get there take hwy 441 to the NC TN line.  Its just a short distance on the TN side.  There are restroom at the top of the mountain and also at Clingmans dome.  Elevation is about 4800 feet.

35.6148°N, 83.4253°W

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