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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fall Color Coming soon

Time is flying by and fall will be with us soon.  Looks like it might be a late season this year.  Spring got off on a slow start and we jumped right into a hot summer.  Nights are starting to cool off a bit which is great for the trees.  We have had some good rain this year so I expect we will have a fantastic fall.

  Things start at the top and work their way down.  I expect mountain tops will begin to change around the second week of Oct. This would be our higher peaks, Grandfather, Mt Pisgah, ect.    Then we can look for things at around 4000 feet around the third week and the 4th week lets check out Asheville, Brevard, Highlands.  Moving on down the mountains we can figure the valley's around Cades will be the end of the month to the first week of Nov.   Things were similar to this last year.

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