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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camera Clinic

Grandfather Mountain NC has been having this clinic since 1952.   Each year there is a speaker and a chance to meet other photographers and exchange ideas.  This is a great event.  This year was rather exciting because I got to see people I have not seen in 18 years.  I cant believe its been that long.  These are some of the ones from the Hickory Camera Club from years ago.  Hey guys it was great to see you.

I also got to meet some new friends, share location spots and talk camera's and lenses.  Learned from writers their secrets.  And if I told you it wouldn't be a secret.  

I am looking forward for that really nice guy with the great sunrise shot that I didn't get to take me across that scary swinging bridge and help me get it next year.  He promised to hold my hand since I am afraid of heights.  I am already marking my calendar.

This event is always the third weekend in August.  You are allowed to camp on the mountain during the event.  Please don't leave food out or take any into your tents.  Again there was a bear in camp every night.  You could hear him banging around in peoples stuff and trying to get into the garbage cans.  So be prepared for an adventure.   This year there were twin fawns.  While there is a mini zoo up on the mountain be aware that there are plenty of wild animals there as well. 

To get there find Linville NC on a map and plan your starting point.  Usually from somewhere on I 40.  Grandfather Mountain is of Hwy 221 also called the Blowing Rock Hwy.   There is little to no cell service so just leave that at home or turn it off.  There is a restaurant on the mountain so bringing food is not necessary.°N, 81.8319°W 

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