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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why don't people follow the rules?

As is with most all parks there are rules.  These rules are meant for the safety of everyone.  On the camp brochure it almost always says:

" Store all food, coolers, utensils, or anything that may smell like food in locked vehicle or a camping unit made of solid, non-pliable material." 

People get excited about seeing a bear.  H E L L O people,  these are dangerous animals.  While camping this week someone did not follow directions and a bear came into his camp and got into his coolers.  All campers in that immediate area had to be moved and a trap was set.   Rangers came in and brought the cage and baited it right in camp.  

Around 11 PM we heard the steel door slam shut.  A signal light similar to a light house goes off.  You could hear the bear banging around inside the cage.  He would hiss which sounded like 20 snakes at the same time and charged the door.   That is a sound I never want to hear again.

 People had to be moved.  The bear has to be moved from his home and all of this was very necessary.  Bears try to bite their way out of the cage and often break teeth and injure themselves trying to get out. This one person who chose not to follow the rules affected so many lives and put others in danger.

This is sad on so many levels.  

Bear trap.

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