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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Whole Bloomin Thing

Well another festival is starting up.  This will be the beginning of spring.  I am looking forward to getting my deck garden going (not enough sun for a real garden).  I still love planting and growing things.    With this new festival there will be lots of new plants to choose from.  There will also be a lot of music, food and fund.  This year proves to be a good one with lots of new vendors and new products, crafts to choose from.  I hope everyone will come on out to see some of my new soaps. 

Whole Blooming Thing
Saturday May 7th  9-5 PM
Commerce & Depot St
Waynesville NC 28786

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

These Hills

Recently I tried a more advanced technique with my soap.  It was a lot of hard work.  While soap does take a while to set up, it can set  relatively fast when working on a specific project.   The lesson here is to enlist a helper or make sure you have everything pre planned and prepped.   I love the results of this mountain scene. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Festival Frenzie

Here it is another  month already. Now is the time for the fall colors to start, festivals for apples, arts and crafts, colorfest and many more.   Below are some links for a few of the festivals coming up.  You can also check out my calendar as well. 

I plan to be in Dillsboro for the next few weeks covering the art and craft show and the colorfest.  Hope you will come out and see me.


Dillsboro NC

Waynesville NC
        Church Street Fest
        October Fest.  
Don't for get to head up to the higher elevations to view the
Mountain Ash Trees.  They should be popping with berries
this time of year.   Very beautiful if you have not seen one.   Pisgah Inn
is one of the best areas to view them. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Photograpy Takes A Turn

While things in my world keep spinning, I still enjoy photography.  The money factor was never a big piece of the puzzle but it was nice.  Now that everyone has a camera and the digital revolution has pretty much taken away a large portion of my business, I find creativity is the answer.  Never give up you passion.  It may change a little but for me it is still there.  I must apologize for all those that have tacked my blog that I have not written in some time.  I just don't know where the time goes. 

I now spend my time making handmade lye soaps.  I enjoy the creativity and also spend time taking some photos as well.  Soaping has opened up a new world for me.  While my skin was having trouble staying moist in my older years, I now find homemade soaps have renewed my skin to the point I rarely need lotion any more.  I can now even make my own lotions with any "flavor" I want.  While Flavor is not really the right word, I still like to use it.

I think for the next few episodes of blogging I will spend some time on soaps and make mention of things everyone should know. 

I have learned a lot about essential oils and products.  An example would be how much I just love Rosemary.  I put it often in meats, breads and other things.  I just love the scent in soap.  It is however something to use in moderation.  It can cause issues with seizures, high blood pressure and can even cause abortion.   This is something I never new until I started making Soap. 

Here is one of my newest projects, Ginger Bars.


Saturday, September 28, 2013


Recently I traveled over to Europe for the first time.  I received at lot of advice before I went.  Some of it was useful and some not.

Today I am going to give my own advice for travel.

Get Euros before you leave.  Most banks do not charge for getting currency.  My bank did not charge me for the exchange before or after the trip.  One tip here is be sure to get rid of you change because the bank will not take coins.

While in Germany and Austria; have plenty of change because you have to pay to go to the bathroom.  Yes you have to pay.  While we are not accustom to this in the USA it is typical in Europe.  There is a cleaning person at each rest area/bathroom.  The bathrooms are very clean.  The average cost is .50 Euro.

Most of the hotels doors do not lock automatically.  When you leave, you put the key in the door and lock the room.  Also when you are in your room at night you must lock the door with a key.  I often forgot and had someone come into my room.  Thank goodness I had the chain on the door.  Also pick pockets are plentiful and people go over balconies to get into your room. Lock all doors when you leave.  One person on your trip had her ipad stolen because rooms share a balcony and she left the balcony door unlocked.

Most restaurants serve meat.  There is beef and pork and not much else on the menu in the southern part of Germany.  You rarely find just a vegetable plate like here in the USA. The food I had was very good and not over spiced.  It was full of flavor.

Oh boy.  You better find a good solid pair to walk in.  The cobble stone streets really do a number on our hips and feet.  They are sharp and difficult to walk.  The first day out I wore sandles and could feel every inch of each stone.   Hiking shoes with raised grooves also are not good.  You need a good thick solid bottom shoe.

Be prepared for anything.  During my travels it was snowing at times and 70 degrees at other times.  Layers are best.

I have to admit I am spoiled by the wonderful mountain water here in NC.  The water in Germany was not to my liking.  I was told by a local even the Germans don't drink the water.  You drink either beer, wine or milk.  The milk while good taste like it is nothing but cream.    In Switzerland a really good drink is Rivella.  It's a lot like ginger ale.

Take your own washcloth.  Most of the hotels do not provide one.  They also do not provide shampoo and conditioner like here in the us.  In the bigger cities they do.  Most of the B&B do not. 

Tips are included in your bill with meals.  You don't have to tip. I found myself leaving a tip for the waitress or waiter and then remembering it is included in you ticked.  It does not show as a separate charge but know it is there.

Quit thinking in dollars.  It is easy to fall into that when looking at price tags.  Try to keep in mind there is an exchange difference.  I caught myself thinking this is a reasonable price until I did the conversion.

Now for the good stuff.  I had a really great time and would like to go again.  I went to Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Germany.
 My favorite place.  Innsbruck.

My favorite get away spot for relaxation and best service.- Krone hotel Igelsberg.  This was spa central and the owners were fantastic with great attention to detail.

Best shopping- Lucern Switzerland.   Best food-everywhere.

Head on over to to see some of my Photos from my trip.  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time Flying BY

I don't know what happened this year but it sure has flown by.  I am looking forward to getting out into some cooler weather and start shooting.  I sent my camera and broken lens off to get cleaned.  I have to say I am very impressed with Nikon service.  I can't ever hear my lens move now.  I was worried it would cost more to repair then I paid for it but Nikon came through.  I got it fixed better than before for almost 1/3 of what I expected.  Thanks Nikon. 

Hope to have some new photos up soon and am looking forward to seeing some of yours!  Happy posting everyone. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fisheye Connect

Recently I learned about a new information center.  This website allows you to market your photographic talents, classes and serves as a place to learn more.  You may want to join others in this learning experience.  You may want to teach our own class.   Please take some time to check this out.

SMUGMUG fans- check out he WNC Smugs group.

Fisheye Connect